Dog Boarding


Our facility for dogs is totally under roof, beneath 3 large shade trees facing south and screened to prevent insects from bothering them. It consists of climate controlled sleeping quarters measuring 4' x 6' and attached runs measuring 4' x 10'. The dogs are separated by a 4' high solid wall in the sleeping quarters and a 2' high solid wall in the attached runs, so there is no size intimidation factor such as a Great Dane being next to a Chihuahua. The indoor kennels are cleaned twice daily. 

We provide blankets for comfort, but you are welcome to bring a light blanket, T-shirt, or something with familiar smells from home to reduce stress. We also recommend bringing your pet’s favorite toy and treats to make the stay more enjoyable.

A limited number of air conditioned kennels are available in the summer months for special need dogs (extra charge applies).


All dogs are walked individually 2 times daily, in an enclosed area, so they can enjoy as much mental and physical stimulation as they like; usually about 15 minutes depending on weather and breed.

Food & Medications

We feed the dogs Nutrena Loyal Life Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe. The food is small kibble which is a high quality premium food, but if you would prefer to bring your dog’s own food, especially if you feed puppy/senior food or veterinary diet, we recommend you bring it. There is no difference in cost either way. We will take care of giving all medications including insulin (please make sure they’re properly labeled) for an extra fee.

There is an Animal Health Technician on staff and, of course, we keep an eye on our boarders 24/7.

Long Term Boarding

If you are relocating, in school or military, etc. and need your pet boarded long term (1 month or more), we offer a special discount, includes free exercise program, and extra love. Please ask for details.


Open 7 days a week: 8am-6pm
Closed - Tuesdays & Fridays from 10am - 4pm
Closed for pick-up/drop-off on Christmas & Thanksgiving


301 Hoffecker Road
Chestertown, MD 21620
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(410) 778-5158 make a reservation